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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

With our entire lives having moved online, routines can feel so intangible and easy to fall out of.

Although I have a more lax schedule, I often feel I’m racing towards something, but it also feels like nothing is ever getting done...

I'm not enjoying the little moments (maybe I’m just racing towards the end of 2020). Today, I’m making an effort to use each moment strategically, creating “systems” rather than “goals." Meditating, journaling, sleeping, also qualify as strategic moves. You can’t be on your game if you’re not doing the things that water your spirit. From the perspective of a performance artist, the time to rejuvenate is part of the work. You can’t create if you’re drawing from an empty well. Break up your obligations into manageable bits throughout the day. Set some time aside today where you don’t have to do anything, even just for five minutes (and then bump "I'm Done" while you're crushing your to-do list after).

In Azia news, I spoke to the magnetic singer today about routines, self care, and October vibes, “I found my routine just by being patient, being upset, laughing, crying, COVID, corona,” with a laugh, “just going with the flow of life, just not giving up. In the fall I enjoy movies, wearing coats, being warm inside, looking at the trees in Virginia, they change color and it’s really pretty. Fashion trends I love right now… Pencil skirts and dresses, big fur coats love it.”

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