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The news has been crushing, no? It seems like day after day, our hearts have a new weight to add on them. The death of RBG was saddening enough. She fought her whole life for the liberation of women everywhere.

To add insult to injury, Donald Trump, who has boasted about assaulting women, has his will bent on filling her seat with Amy Coney Barrett, who could effectively reverse Roe v. Wade, thereby sending women back into battle for their reproductive rights. What feels more painful? That a woman’s right to choose is being threatened by a man who can’t take no for an answer? Or, that it’s being threatened by a man who paid less in federal taxes than most waitresses do? You don’t have to choose which is worse because Donald Trump is both every single time. He cannot decide which way he wants to be awful, he has to do them all.

How are you gonna be the president and pay less in taxes than the undocumented immigrants you’re trying to kick out? I don’t know about you, but my WAP is SAD (Sexual Arousal Dysfunction). The electoral college has got to go, because the Republicans are making us all dry tf up.

Speaking of all things wet and gushy, and in light of feeling absolutely exhausted by the patriarchy, I cannot think of a more necessary time to be uplifted. Luckily, the wait for Azia’s new single “I’m Done” is almost over, as the hustler in chief will be dropping it shortly… And you, are you feeling done yet?


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