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As September comes to a close, for the first time in my mini dress loving life, I am actually welcoming cool weather, because Brooklyn is just too sticky right now.

Speaking of unpleasantly sticky, Donald Trump disgraced the debate stage last night! The debate was a cacophony of the yells of two old dotards. Just old men yelling over each other and splitting hairs like children.

Trump used racist terms like “china plague” and “Pocahontas.” When asked to condemn white supremacists, Trump told his biggest fans to “stand back and stand by.” Biden brought up the Climate Crisis (thank the goddesses <3 ). He also spoke about “reimagining the police” #Okayjoe! After that absolute disaster, I’m gonna have to ask Azia for her Special Hennessey recipe, because my white girl rosé is simply not strong enough for this malarkey #makeadrinkwithazia

Who do you think won the debate?

Azia is gearing up for the release of her song “I’m Done,” which as I wrote in yesterday's newsletter, is set to uplift and get freaky this Friday. #cameoutawinner


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