• Azia

HOLLABACK, girl (10.1.20)

The news has been morose lately, and it’s getting harder and harder to relax.

Times are stressful right now, people are facing evictions, there’s a surplus of workers and a shortage of jobs, full time parents are still adapting to online learning (there’s a shortage of “kids desks” online!). That being said, it’s more important than ever to take time for yourself and find moments to breathe.

Azia recommends taking this full moon to meditate, burn some incense and listen to rain or ocean soundscapes, and binaural beats to destress. Another great way to unwind is working out, the hardest part being starting of course, but even simple things like taking a walk around the block can help relax you and invigorate your mind. Also, we don’t have to face these times all alone, we have to lean on each other. Personally, I’m awful at texting, and in these socially distanced times, it can feel hard to connect. I think we could all practice the art of the phone call… you can’t see the person’s face, but you can hear their voice, the old balance of mystique and generosity, for the person you just don’t want to share quite everything with ;)


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