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Tarot card of the day: The Page of Wands. A charming man appears before you. He is adventurous and says all the right things. Beware, perfection is an illusion. Is he a dullard or a decadent? A pick up artist or an MRA? Either way, I’d run for the hills.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett spent a large part of the Tuesday’s hearings responding to (and evading) questions on health care, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, checks and balances on the executive branch (especially as it pertains to President Trump), race relations and more. Senator Dianne Feinstein displeasure was evident in regards to Barrett’s evasion on the topic of abortion, saying, “On something that is a major cause with major effects on over half of the population of this country who are women, it is distressing not to get a straight answer.” To me, she looks like a Trojan horse.

The Daily Voice is reporting Fivio Foreign remained held Tuesday in the Bergen County Jail on charges that he assaulted his pregnant girlfriend over the weekend. His girlfriend, 24, is reportedly pregnant with his second child. I am praying for her safety as well as the baby’s.

Tory Lanez’s hearing - was charged with three felony charges including assault with a semiautomatic firearm. His $190,000 bail was paid by a bondsman present, according to the Shade Room. If sentenced, he could be in prison for 22 years.

Iphone 12 mini just goes to show that perhaps they never had any plans to innovate the iphone, just change its size. I would say that the iphone 12 mini looks cute, but really it just looks like the iphone 4 I got in 8th grade. At least it will go with the tiny purses coming back.

What’s Azia watching right now? None other than The Spanish Princess, which chronicles The beautiful Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon, who must navigate the royal lineage of England with an eye on the throne. Looking to be a binge-worthy, unabashed bodice ripper soon to join the ranks of The Borgia’s and Tudors and an obsession worthy period piece with luxurious costumes and decadent sets.



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