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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Tired af. Our President has forsaken us for dexamethasone.

I think we’ve all had that “I’m better!” moment before we’ve relapsed into worse symptoms, classic sick person mistake.

Honestly guys, my anxiety is eating away at my energy, my depression feasting on my soul. Spooky season is fun for most people, but if you’re a tortured artist like me, it’s just license to stare off into lonely fields, contemplating the changing of the leaves, the beginning of the death cycle into winter… (types in melancholy). Also, I'm an outdoor freak, so this lockdown has driven me up the walls.

Now, a special mid-week treat from the lady you're all here for <3

Personal Inventory with :::::Azia:::::

What is there to do in Brooklyn right now?

Pretty much what I’m doing in Brooklyn is nothing. I don’t go outside if I don’t have to. I stay in the house, I’m working on so many projects. I don’t really like going outside, cus I feel like there’s so much I have to do inside. So literally, if I’m not outside working, I’m inside working.

Does October feel spooky yet?

October does not feel spooky yet. My personality is spooky, getting chilly even thinking about it. I have like a very strong, strong spirit, so the 1st and 2nd of October were full moons, so I had an amazing sleep. My dream was so vivid, so relaxing, so inspirational, a really dope message, I haven’t even fully dissected it yet. But it was a dope, relaxing experience, a nice transition into the new moon. (vivaciously) I feel GOOD about October, I feel really good, word.

Is the news not absolutely terrifying? I feel like the state of the world can feel more overwhelming when the news cycle is raking all the muck. How does that affect depression and anxiety, and things that you normally have to deal with, add COVID and trump into that mix.

I haven’t even been watching the full news cycle because of all the muck that has been raining down. I’ve just been thinking of more ways to make money, and thinking about my family.

If you could work on a song with any artist (dead or alive), who are your top three?

Drake. (Full stop). Drake. Drake. Drake. Drake. Drake. Drake, Fela Kuti, and Sade.

What movies do you want to see this fall and who do you wish you could go to the movies with right now?

I would love to go to the movies with the man of my choice, the man in my life. I love movies, movies is my favorite thing to do. I don’t even know what movies are coming out cus I’ve been drowning in work. All types: horrors, comedies, actions, medieval times, sci fi, I love everything, it just needs to be good. A good story.

What does sexual liberation mean to you and hw do you know if a guy is showering you with as much as is deserved?

You never know if a guy is showering you with as much as is deserved, cus I got big shoes to fill. I’ve had my mom and my dad in my life, so I know how it feels to be loved, I have a loving family. I know what romance feels like, I know what it means to feel special, so shoes are big to fill. Especially nowadays cus guys don’t really do stuff like that… well most of them don’t… and if they do it’s usually cus they want to have sex, not because they’re being really genuine, so it’s still weird anyway cus it’s like, why you doin this? Or, they’re just not doing it. And sexual liberation… I don’t really think about that, it’s just about being yourself. Being and doing whatever it is that you wanna do.


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