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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Azia is mainly socially distancing at home. In her own words, “not productive to the world but a worker bee at home.”

That’s the best way to be these days. She is currently prepping for her trip to Atlanta to visit fans and friends this Saturday. Until then, she’ll be busy shooting with two private clients. When asked how she felt about the debate, she shook her head, “the world is doomed as we know it.” I know the feeling.

Last night, while the debate marched on, Azia was in the studio working on some new sauce. I think that’s the best thing for the world right now, people making more music. And as for staying home? Ideal. The days are slowing down and darkening, soon my introverted dreams of sitting on my couch in my jammies and speaking to no one will come true with the cold weather.

We can tell our grandkids we were heroes the Fall/Winter of 2020 by socially distancing like good citizens! Go onto Azia’s instagram at azia.iam to check out the sick “I’m Done” video collages up! They’re gonna melt in your mouth they’re so FAB! If you love this newsletter and support the Brooklyn Girl, subscribe and share <3

Thank you for your support, and keep grinding, stay focused on the end goal, stay down till u come up.


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