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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Yesterday was International day of the Girl. If you’re a day late, call up that special little girl you’d love to make smile and lend some wisdom.

I’m wishing Azia’s kid sister, Amor, a happy birthday <3 As well as wishing her mom, Sabrina, a speedy recovery from her surgery.

In other news, today is Indigenous People's day. I'm going to spend today learning about those who lived in my hometown and the land of the apartment I'm currently renting before they were colonized and subjected to systemic genocide, as well as honoring those who are still with us.

Finishing the week off, Azia After in several photoshoots in New York and shopped for fabric to make a dress for an upcoming event yet to be divulged.

Azia traveled to Atlanta this weekend, visiting Compton and eating at Roc’s Southern Kitchen. “The food there was bomb,” she effused.

Right now, she’s back on the road to Houston where she’s meeting with a man we’ll call G to go over some footage she shot in the last month.


Movies: SCREAM

SCREAM is a meta flick very aware of the fact that it’s a horror movie. Completely self aware, this film is filled with something most teen horror flicks had been lacking in for years: commentary. The opening scene will have you mortified, especially when you know that Drew Barrymore was advertised as the main attraction.… And if you’re a Friends fan, Courteney Cox is in it! As well as an adorable Matthew Lillard and dreamy Skeet Ulrich who will win your heart completely. My favorite character by far would have to be Rose McGowan’s character Tatum Riley, if for nothing else but her groovy outfits. If you’re looking to get your friends with jump scares and irony, this film is an absolute scream.

Podcast: MORBID

For those longer subway rides, or if you’re going for a walk in the park, this podcast will chill you to the bone. Ash and Alaina co-host this creepy true crime podcast, providing banter and much appreciated draggings of the offenders. Though be warned, it may taint your worldview for life (or maybe that’s my fault for binging it).

Song: Bela Lugosi's Dead

On your way to the haunted hayride, or if you need to go pumpkin picking, play this Halloween classic by moody, goth punk band Bauhaus. Maybe add garlic to the shopping list…

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