• Azia


Happy Halloweek Azites!!! I hope you have your spookiest week yet, and that this Scorpio season brings you lots of growth and blessings (give lots of love to your root chakra this week!).


This week in fashion, we’re looking at an old vampy trend: short leather gloves. Nothing says you’re ready for the cold temps like some extra love for your hands. Also, COVID awareness, but make it fashion. Another thing we love about wearing gloves: it adds a dainty and regal touch to your look: wear white leather gloves for a soft vintage feel, black leather gloves for power. (Buy second hand for a sustainable, cruelty free purchase).


Tory Lanez came out with a video defending himself against the allegations brought against him by Megan Thee Stallion. Watching the video, while his defenses seemed heartfelt and good-natured, we weren’t provided with a comprehensive account of what happened, so what exactly he is alleging in return is still unclear.

One part that stuck out to me was his allegory of “the head cannot move without the neck,” the head being black men, and black women being the neck in this context.

I understand he was trying to say that you need both for the progression of black rights, however, a more useful analogy would have painted black men and women as complementary figures, like the two sides of velcro, yin and yang, whereas the neck and head analogy evokes a hierarchy, much like the old “Adam and the rib” adage.


If the cloudy weather has been getting you down, here’s a tip to help you get out of bed: set a timer for five minutes. Brush your hair, wash your face, clean your teeth, pick up some clothes… if the timer goes off and you still feel like staying in bed, take that time for yourself and rest. If, however, you’d rather not go back to bed, pat yourself on the back, and start your lovely day.

One thing that helps me feel like I’m taking care of my mind and body is going for a walk, just to get fresh air and move. Then, journal for three pages.


Spotify is featuring new music from Flipp Dinero, a Brooklyn born rapper set to make waves with his new hit No No No featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. His lyrics “And I fell in love with them angles/ She want the Birkin, Birkin/ Yeah, Birkin bag, better stay faithful,” speaks to the financial pressures in many heterosexual relationships, as well as the desire for loyalty in a transactional social sphere.



A new poll has found that 66% of people of color who are likely to vote support former Vice President Joe Biden, and in comedian Amber Ruffin’s word, “and the other 34% are old rich rappers,”

alluding to 50 Cent, Ice Cube, and Kanye West (50 Cent has since changed his position since Chelsea Handler said she’d “give it another go with him”).

The Trump administration has since given up on controlling the pandemic, calling for all of us to fend for ourselves in the hopes that we’ll survive and become immune.

Meanwhile, Republicans went ahead and confirmed Amy Coney Barrett, whose views on civil rights are detrimental to the fight for equality at best, at worst, she may in fact send us back into the dark ages.

In other news, white Republican politicians are still struggling to pronounce Kamala Harris’ name, or maybe they’re just… racist? You decide: