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I'll never forget election day four years ago. In a french restaurant overlooking the Hudson river, I was folding napkins before my waitressing shift with my friend, Annabelle.

"What if... he wins?" I asked after finishing a roll up.

Annabelle looked me dead in the eyes and said with the utmost certainty, "That's not gonna happen." I can still recall the taste of optimism. After our shift, we went home and got gussied up for the big night. We went to the Cubby Hole, the famed lesbian bar in Greenwich Village, wanting to be surrounded by women on what we thought would be a historic night. The Clash played on the digital jukebox. The electricity in the air was palpable. Until, as you well know, the map on the TV set above the bar started to change, overwhelmingly, blood red. Annabelle went home, for she couldn't keep watching.

I will also never forget what one woman there slurred to me, "You guys! You're so young, you've never lived through a Republican President. It's gonna be fine. Yes, it will be awful and they're gonna repeal all the things we fought for, but it won't be that bad. We'll get through it. We've gotten through them before, we'll get through them again. We'll survive."

To this day, I feel this was an extremely minimizing statement, but the last part rings true: We will survive. The losses are more astronomical than we could have imagined, but we will endure.

Hoping you all are doing well and feeling good <3 The new moon is here again! A perfect time for seclusion and unplugging. No need to watch the news. Please. No more news.

Some good news: More than 14 million people have already voted!

That’s already 10% of the total vote count from 2016. Ten percent!!! Let’s just hope they're not write-ins for Harambe again.

It has come to light that Amy Coney Barrett may soon be the third conservative appointed to the Supreme Court who worked on the Gore v Bush case, essentially awarding Bush the presidency after losing the popular vote. Trump is already openly fantasizing about the Supreme Court ruling in his favor should the election results be contested, and with Barrett in the seat, that fantasy may become a reality.

All we can do is hope the results are so overwhelmingly clear, there will be. no. contest.

In Azia’s words, “Heavy on my mind is the importance of voting. Heavy on my mind is the state of the world, the state of the hood, the state of the poor, the state of the ghettos… How cold this winter will be with all the evictions. People -strangers - literally begging for money via instagram. Yesterday, someone asked me to send them $20 to feed their kids, a lady. People are struggling with bills, food, care for their kids, evictions, and gentrification to top it all."

When asked to talk about her personal life, Azia had no comment, "Just the election." That seems to be the only thing we can think about right now. Things cannot flow or heal until that passes. All we can really do right now to help ourselves and our communities is vote. We have all been battered by this year, and while the days may be getting darker, we can only hope that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the spirit of some light, I will now bless your feed with cutie Trevor Noah:


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