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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The moon is certainly waning right now. Energies are definitely lagging.

If you feel your energy waning, the best thing you can do is lean into that depletion and release whatever is no longer serving you. Stretching your muscles and exhaling whatever tension arises is a lovely way to release any demons clinging to your insides. While I always joke they charge you a breathing fee in New York, go out in nature (aka that tiny park down the block, you know, nature) and breathe some outdoorsy air… it’s free.

This past week Azia has been hustling, dropping songs, films, artwork, doing photoshoots, and most excitingly, has published an independent ebook, filled with business tips and tricks from the entrepreneuher herself. I asked the Brooklyn Girl how she stays sane during these stressful times.

As she’s said before, her mantra is to “feel and release.” Beyond that, she’s been meditating by candlelight in order to release, eating mindfully in order to stay grounded, and taking space to center herself.

This year has been taxing, and as the moon wanes, this weekend is the perfect time to recharge and rest.

Go onto Azia’s instagram at azia.iam to check out the sick “I’m Done” video collages up! They’re gonna melt in your mouth they’re so FAB! If you love this newsletter and support the Brooklyn Girl, subscribe and share <3 Thank you for your support, and keep grinding, stay focused on the end goal, stay down till u come up.


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