• Azia


Welcoming the fall weather, Azia's thoughts are currently on the upcoming release of Brooklyn Is King, her rendition of Black is King, paying homage to the groundbreaking film as well as giving a nod to her home borough.

As for fall looks? Azia is all about the calming tones of blue, emerald green, and browns as a way to cool down out of summer.

Today, she's listening to Dua Lipa, Drake (naturally), and more fervently, Burna Boy.

When asked about the Louisville mayor's declaration of a state of emergency in preparation of the decision to arrest or not to arrest the officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor.

Azia plainly pointed out, "It's looking like they are not going to arrest them, especially now that they've given the family a settlement." This wrapping it up in a bow and a barricade is a blow to the movement that she finds disheartening, and above all, alarming. In response to Republicans moving to fill RBG's court seat so close to the election, Azia quipped, "They are not playin... that lad died at the wrong time!" A sentiment felt by many who held the feminist icon in high regard. I

n Azia's future, we foretell that the trees aren't the only one's doing shedding this season... look out for info on her new single and competition coming soon. #Imdone #Yallwon #ThatsAzia


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