• Azia

Happy Thursday! (9.24.20)

To friends, fans, and lovers,

Azia is landing back in Brooklyn from Houston where she has been working away, shut in by the rain from Hurricane season, jumping right back into the music scene for a private event this evening. In the week ahead, Azia is hustling, dropping songs, films, artwork, doing photoshoots, and most excitingly, publishing an independent ebook coming out by the end of this month, filled with business tips and tricks from the entrepreneuher herself. By the end of this week, she will be dropping her single, "I'm Done." An anthem of empowerment, Azia seeks to let go of someone who isn't giving back what they're being given.

Most of all, she is sad for the people of Louisville KY. She is chilled by the grand jury's decision and feels that it reflects the state of the world. "Everyone needs to vote for sure... blow after blow in 2020."

For resources on voting registration, go to https://votesaveamerica.com/

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