AZIA (Pronounced as “AY-Z-YAH”) is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, designer, entrepreneur & Star of BET's reality show, “Hustle In Brooklyn”.  Before all the success, the fame and the game; she was a creative little girl following her dreams in New York City. Brooklyn to be exact and that is where all the sassy came from. “Haitian Mixed with Trini” was something Azia never was timid to talk about. Even one of her hottest singles entitled "Pull Up” shows her embracing her coconut Caribbean roots. The Musical Roots in her began very early from her father who has more than enough credits in the music industry to back her up. As a teenager, she hosted parties & the cable access tv show “Flex in Brooklyn”. Video credits include “Panda” by Desiigner, “Change Your Mind” by Trey Songz and “Pick it Up” by Famous Dex just to name a few. Azia was also featured in Kanye West's Madison Square Garden "Yeezy Season" and Nike’s Caribbean Pack. Azia's first big accomplishment was releasing her Debut EP "The Audacity" as a new graduate from Virginia State University. Three months later she landed her star role on BET's International reality show. Since the show Azia has been on track to becoming a household name as an entertainer & serial entrepreneur, Azia launched her own beauty line Brownies Couture as well as her own entertainment company. All while garnering organic praise from The Source, Vibe Magazine, & All HipHop just to name a few. Azia is & will be undeniably an impact in the music, fashion and beauty industry. Stay tuned to see whats next.